Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Finally, an update!

I'm sorry for the late update, I've been swamped in work the last days, and on top of that I cough the flu. Blergh.

Today I did some more work on Tsuruya. A bit of texturing and it's done, unless any of you have any good ideas for it ~


GnuoyKun said...

Waiting patiently for it :3

Just a comment, you could mage her mouth a bit bigger, so you can see the :3 face from far

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting patiently for it too :3

I hope it is done soon!

Bunnie said...

Waaa~ I'm so excited for this!

I'm definitely subscribing to this feed.

migero said...

nice blog there mate

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd try to gradient her face a little bit so it gets paler towards her forehead, nyoro~n.